Boom to Bust Visual Essay Chloe Cleri

As the economy was booming, many people bought stocks to inherent money.
When the economy turned them down, many people begged for jobs to buy food and products.
Business owners had many customers and had a great advantage and made money.
When the depression started, many people had to lay off workers and could only afford a few people.
Women partied all the time and didn't have a care in the world.
Women had to cook clean and sew for a living to try and afford living.
While it was all party in the 20s, jazz was the music everybody loved.
African Americans went from making music to working hard for money.

The roaring twenties and the depressing thirties were very different and also very continuous. Economics, Government, Home life, and Leisure time had many similarities and many differences throughout the 20s and 30s. In economics the continuity was life was still new to people. First it was nothing but money to no money whatsoever. The change was it started off good. People had money and bought cool products. It ended up being a depressed period of time. Also, people were in a weird state of time with being introduced to credit cards to being introduced to poor livelihood. Banker and stockbrokers bought lots of stocks and spent lots of money on them and transformed to not having enough money to support their families. Economics changed the lives of people in good and bad ways. In the government, not much stayed the same. The world faced an economic downturn and nothing really stayed the same. On the other hand, the commitment to laissez- faire was abandoned. People fended for themselves and the government stayed out. Some continuity for business owners was President Hoover was still a slow moving president who took too long to make changes and was always too late before life got worse. Some changes with business owners was people used to have money and buy consumer products and then they couldn't even buy food. In home life, people still were in an awkward part in their lives and it started in a party to begging for a job to buy food. Women in home life did not continue anything. Most of their lives changed in the 20s and 30s. Women started off with partying their whole lives and being a flapper to cooking, cleaning and, sewing. In leisure time, people still listened to music in the 30s but they didn't go out to listen to it. People never went out and had a horrible life and it was very sad. African Americans in leisure time still faced racism and prejudices. They still ad to mork and have a job. They had less money and respect as they used to. Also there were less jobs and places to live. Overall, the 20s and 30s was comparative in a continuous and a changeable way. Life started off easy and ended off being hard as can be but people learned how to get through it and in the end people got back on their feet and life was beginning to be normal again.

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