Luke's Sick Portfolio Above All Portfolios asia sumas, grade 7

(Light) This photo is of a lock and I used a blur and used a sharper look on the lock other than the blurry look in the background.
(Abstract) This photo is about 2 twirly things and i used focus to focus on a spot so the back would blur and I tried to make it a blurry look :P i look at this as a close up.
(Macro) I took a picture of ice and blurred the background out so the ice would stand out more.
(Portrait) This is a self portrait of me and someone took it. I blurred out the background and whitened my cheek bones to make it more focused on my face.
(Landscape) This is a picture is about the sun I focused it on the tree and also whitened the shine of the sun.
(dark) I like this picture because it has a lot of darkness I used focus to focus on the dark spot and a lot of dark features which made it more dim and dark
This photo is a photo i made from 2 pictures online and made a very cool design.

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