Healthy Relationships By Taylor thorntonšŸ˜

Having a good relationship with your family gives you a better future. It can also give you things to do with your family in the future if you have one. If you have friends that don't have a healthy relationship with their family you can hep them have one or get a little closer.
Solving conflict can be hard for some people but here are some ways to help.
If you want to solve conflict don't do this. This will take get you nowhere
If you want to actually get somewhere then you should probably be nice and do something like this. You probably don't want to do this but it would be good if you did because then they will know you want to solve whatever is wrong.
Conflict can be solved without fighting. You can talk to them and express your feelings. You can find something that will work out.
You should sit down and talk to them. Listen carefully to what the other person says cause it might work things out. Make sure you both get to express your feelings so the other person will get how your feeling. Let the other person say what they have to say cause if you start interrupting they will probably get mad and ignore you or disagree with what you have to say.
After you sit down and talk about what is going on you can meet up and try to figure something out so it can be better. Listen to each other because no answer is wrong.
When you figure something out try to accomplish what your doing by not arguing and being positive. One wrong thing could change everything so you don't want to argue and be mean about it. Be nice and tell them kindly if you wanna change something. Talk in a happy voice and not a sad mad voice because they can probably tell how your feeling by the way you talk.
When you solve conflict and it turns out good this is how it can go. Everybody is happy and having a awesome time with each other. I hope you learned something in this lesson. If you have a friend or something that is having a tough time with this just go threw the steps.

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