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Poet Elizabeth Bishop was born February 8th, 1911 in Worcester, Massachusetts. She lived with both parents until at eight months her father passed away. Also, in her early ages her mother suffered from some mental issues therefore, she was later on admitted to a mental hospital in 1916. This left her being an only child, her grandparents took care of her and she grew up on a farm in Great Village, Nova Scotia. Sadly, Bishop never reunited with her mother and she passed away in 1934. Years pass and she gained custody to live with her father’s family back in Worcester. She was not thrilled with moving since she became lonely not being with her grandparents in Great Village. She developed chronic asthma over time which led her to suffer for the rest of her life. Bishop studied music while she was writing. She attended Walnut Hill school and studied to become a composer, yet her poems were published by her friend Frani Blough in a student magazine. In 1929 she went to Vassar College, but soon quit music since she was frightened by performing. She did not give up and continued with writing and English. She published her work in her senior year in Vassar’s magazine.She graduated in 1934. Bishop was always influenced by another poet named Marianne Moore. Moore grew an interest in Bishop’s work. Their friendship ended in 1972 due to Moore’s death. She moved on from city to city meeting other poets. Since her family was successful, she had no problem moving around. Bishop moved to Brazil and met Lota de Macedo Soares who would become her lover. Yet after the suicide of Soares, Bishop moved back to the United States to publish and work on more of her poetry. Her style of poetry focused not only on her personal life, but those lives around her too. She gives it all emotion and strong details.

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