Chloe's Goals Project ENGLISH 2 Period 6

Semester Goal

By the end of the semester, I will get all A's in all my classes and have more of a positive spirit towards school.

Ways to achieve this goal:

1. Keeping track of grades and assignments through synergy and google classroom.

2. Work harder on assignments, studying, and putting in more effort into learning about the topic were covering in each classes

3. Keep a positive attitude and don't worry about the things you cant change. Keep yourself surrounded by people who care and want to watch you succeed.

English goal

Continue to finish this semester of English 2 with an A, and keep track of my assignments more often to see if there are any late or missing assignments.

Ways to Achieve this goal :

1. Check Synergy and Google Classroom frequently.

2. Put effort into all assignments in English.

3. Make sure to be caught up on any late work or missing assignments.

High School Goal

Graduate high school with mostly A's and a positive attitude. Eventually make more friends, and join more clubs and sports.

Ways to Achieve this goal :

1. Join up for clubs and sports when they come around.

2. Always keep check of grades and maybe buy a agenda to help organize my assignments and projects.

After high school goal

Go to college for business and design and travel around the world with friends and family. Also get a job somewhere of interest to me

Ways to achieve this goal :

1. Save up on money!

2. Keep grades up in college.

3. Be well presented in interviews.

Personal growth goal

Learn to accept myself more and not be so hard on myself about things have no control over.

Ways to achieve this goal :

1. Don't get so caught up in bad situations and try to find a solution

2. Be more happy with myself and find the things that i'm good at more than looking at the bad.


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