Allen Eagle Escadrille TWIB Notes January 11-17, 2021

It's concert season! Photo from December 2020.

Message from Dr. Obado

I'm typing this week's TWIB Notes from my desk at home in the office and I can't help but look outside the window watching the snow fall in Allen, TX. I hope everyone is enjoying taking some pictures and experiencing such a rare occasion!

As you all know, we have started the spring semester which is primarily focused on concert band. Since we are still in a season of COVID mitigation, here is a reminder of our mitigation techniques:

  • MASKS & BELL COVERS are always required when we rehearse indoors. Everyone received musician masks during marching season and a bell cover for your instrument during the marching season. These were free for the first mask and cover. If you need replacement masks, we have a few in stock for $6. If you need replacement covers, they are $7. If you simply don't have your musician mask for rehearsal, we have disposable masks free of charge. We will cut a small slit in your disposable mask so you can play your instrument with your mask on. Flutes can use their flute masks or they can play with their head joint under a regular mask. Please put your masks in the laundry regularly and let us know if you need to purchase a new mask.
  • EXCELLENT HVAC & AIR CIRCULATION: An average 600 sq. ft. classroom in AISD uses HEPA filters with a change rate of 4.5 times an hour. The rehearsal halls at AHS & LFC have more ventilation units and better change rates than the average classroom.
  • LIMITED REHEARSAL INDOORS: Band rehearsals during the 90-minute blocks rehearse in two separate large rehearsal rooms to allow HVAC to change out the air completely.
  • APPROPRIATE DISTANCING: See photo above. All band setups are spaced with a minimum of 6-ft from center of chairs.
  • SANITIZATION: Hand sanitizer is available on the wall of every rehearsal room. Also, every chair and stand is sanitized at the conclusion of every band rehearsal.

ALLEN BAND BOOSTER ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING ON TUESDAY: Tuesday, January 12, 7:00pm, is the ABBA General Membership at the Allen Service Center ( 1451 N. Watters Road, Allen, 75013). We will be streaming Facebook live for those that would like to attend virtually. Make sure you have liked our page, Allen Band Booster Association.

IN-PERSON BAND CLASSES: Your band director will communicate in class, over e-mail, and/or through Canvas your responsibilities, rehearsal schedules (including sectionals), and assignments. If you have any questions about your band class, please e-mail your band director. Percussion: always follow your communications with Mr. Locke as schedules are based on Supercussion ensembles.

AT-HOME VIRTUAL BAND CLASSES: Dr. Obado teachers all At-Home virtual classes that meet during 1st, 5th, and 8th period classes at AHS. Dr. Knight teaches 2nd period at AHS. Mr. Blankenship teaches 8th period and 2nd period bands at LFC. Mr. Daniels teaches 1st period bands at LFC (but will eventually do some 2nd period virtual teaching). You should have already been emailed the appropriate Zoom links; they should also be on your appropriate Canvas pages. If you do not know where your Zoom link is, please email philip.obado@allenisd.org (AHS) or joshua.blankenship@allenisd.org (LFC)

  • AHS AT-HOME ONLY: As discussed in class last week, you will still be linked to your assigned band class and band teacher in Skyward. You will also have TWO Canvas pages: your assigned band and the virtual band page. You may ignore all assignments from the assigned band Canvas page (as that is intended for In-Person students). Please only pay attention to your Virtual Band Canvas page. Please e-mail philip.obado@allenisd.org if you need clarification.

SOLO & ENSEMBLE CONTEST: We will NOT participate in the usual UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest in February. However, we will participate in a solo & ensemble contest held at Coppell HS on Saturday, May 15th. This gives you the entire semester to work on solo and ensemble literature. If you need to contact one of our teachers to get on a private lesson schedule, please click HERE.

ALL-STATE AUDITIONS: If you advanced to Area and have not received your audition link to TMEA, please email philip.obado@allenisd.org. Your recordings must be submitted by 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 13, 2020.


Photo Credits: Calvin Ku