Meet Rufus #sharedog

I'm Rufus. I came from California and met Corbin a few weeks ago.

We spent the first hours together napping and learning about television. I really want to go outside but I'm not old enough yet..

When it came time to fly we were a bit nervous.

... but we got through it and met Terry!

Sleeping has been a bit ackward.

but we have found many fun things to chew

and we are learning about the crate (slowly)

... with some help

We do a lot of sleeping

and we've even been to the vet a few times.

Home is starting to feel more comfortable

and we are establishing boundaries.

We even made it out for a few walks!

but we mostly sit at home and grow.

We met Chip and he was SO fun

and I'm ready for a swim

This is one of my favorite treats

I can't wait to play with you.

but please excuse me if I don't dress for the weekend.

See you soon!

Created By
Corbin Kappler

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