Caroline Sun KEMPA Summer workshop

My motto for life
I’m Caroline Sun, and I’m a sophomore from Lake Zurich High School, who is spending the first half of this week at KEMPA Camp at Milwaulkee, Wisconsin to better my journalism skill. Specifically, the class I’m taking this week is the Digital and Social Journalism class, which I hope will allow me to become more comfortable with working online, and learn how to make more people read our school publication’s website.

A video taken on the first day of KEMPA Camp, capturing the energy of Bastille Days in Milwaulkee, Wisconsin.

Music and fun at Bastille Days!
The best KEMPA team; the purple team
5/12 of the 2018-2019 LZ Bear Facts staff!
A side view of St. Joan of Arc’s Chapel, one of Marquette’s most iconic buildings!
Marquette’s Beautiful Campus!

A virtual map of some of the buildings of Marquette, along with tidbits of their histories! It was super fun to wander the school grounds while taking pictures of all the gorgeous buildings.

One last video about the top three things I’ve learned at KEMPA Camp this week!

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