Being 15 in Switzerland By leo davies, comp 9 6th

Switzerland is 15,940 square miles, or roughly the size of 2 New Jerseys put together. It’s population is 8,081,000 which is near the same amount as New York City. The country has been neutral in wars for the past 190 years. Along with the Vatican, Switzerland is the only country with a square flag. Swiss men have the longest life expectancy out of the entire world, including the USA. According to a test, Switzerland was ranked the happiest country in 2015 and the second happiest in 2016. Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland is the longest in the world, being 57km (35.4 miles) long.

Being 15 in Switzerland is busy but exciting, because of many activities they can participate in and the mixtures of culture in Switzerland.

Teenagers, in their free time, might be outdoors playing a sport, with a club or playing an instrument.

In Switzerland, the majority of teens participate in an activity such as playing a sport or instrument. One of the main activities in Switzerland is skiing. (“Our Students From Switzerland”).

It is exciting and cool to think that most of the kids living in Switzerland are eager to learn and be active and busy outside of school. We are very similar to them in our love for the outdoors, and even though their schedule becomes busier with this.

Some cool parts of being 15 in Switzerland might be living in a culture full of many influences and being able to learn and speak other languages.

Swiss culture has the influence from so many other countries because of the many different languages spoken (Wild).

It would be exciting to learn and meet new people who spoke different languages in your own country. In a way you could learn about the countries where those people are from by meeting them. Learning about these cultures would be fun and help me understand the lifestyle in the bordering countries.

These activities gives opportunities for the teenagers of Switzerland to learn with about the people in their county and do what they love. Given these opportunities, teenagers can live an exciting life and even though their life is busy.

Through this process, by finding a connection, I understood that how similar I can be to teenagers in Switzerland and gain a general idea of what it is like to live there.

Through our after school activities, cultural lifestyle, and family living, I can connect with the teenagers living in Switzerland.

As a teen, I would enjoy watching these festivals with my family like I do with the Winter Carnival. Also, it is a lot of fun to travel with my family for weekend trips or to visit my family and friends.

It is very interesting to think that I can connect with kids from halfway around the globe. To live in a similar culture as them is fun and it is cool that our lifestyle here in a mountain town is similar to most towns in Switzerland.

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