Trump and Climate Change A few of our 45th President's varing opinions and banter on climatechange

Trump says 'Nobody really knows if climate change is real'

WHAT?! We know climate change is real.

After many years of studies done by various qualified scientists, Trump says that Climate Change might not be a true issue. Studies done over the last few years have deciphered that human activities have driven the recent climate change into the poor state it is in. The leading cause for climate change today is the burning of fossil fuel which is used for fuel for transportation purposes, and industrial manufacturing. During an interview with Time reporters, Trump continued to say there is "some connectivity" between climate change and human activities, after The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said it is “extremely likely” that human activities over the years are responsible for over half of the temperature (since 1950).

When mentioning the global temperature increase, Trump stated "the hottest day ever was in 1890-something, 98", randomly choosing a day or year for the Time reporters. 1998 and 2016 were two of the hottest years on record, with temperatures increasing over the years but, Trump is still unsure about climate change.


During Trump's campaign, he mentioned climate change as a "hoax" said by China. He later said that comment was a joke, but then followed up with asking his audience during a town hall in New Hampshire "Let me ask you this — take it easy, fellas — how many people here believe in global warming? Do you believe in global warming?”

A Tweet posted by Donald Trump before his campaign.

Below is a visual representation of the warmest year on record, globally.

So, in years past, Trump has joked and immaturely posted about his opinions on climate change, which would understand his current uncertain opinion on climate change now. Recently, he has replied slightly more maturely than he has in the past on the topic, but he is denying factual data that supports the fact tha climate change is in full swing, and mainly has to do with human activities.

Find out more on Trump's opinions on climate change, and what's actually happening in the world!

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