Oakwood Avenue Community School Mr. willis' Second grade class

My name is Mr. Willis

I am excited to have your child in our classroom this school year. I love teaching and working with parents. I hope we can partner so we can give your child the best education possible. As you know, education starts at home and continues at home as well as when your child is at school. Please support me and try saying something nice about me with your child; I will constantly speak about you in class in a positive way. Children are very observant and they watch our engagement. I'm on your side and want only the best for your child.

  1. This is my 9th year teaching
  2. I taught 4th, 1st, and 2nd Grades
  3. I earned Teacher of the Year 3 times so far
  4. I hold an undergraduate degree in Business Management
  5. I hold a Master's Degree in Education
  6. I hold a Master's Degree in School Administration
  7. I have 3 great children - all grown now (a lawyer, a businessman, and one that is searching)
  8. I am a foster parent and fostered 406 children (2 days old to 21 years old)
Parents, please share with us
  1. One thing about your family
  2. How to pronounce your child's name
  3. One positive thing I should know about your child
  4. How are you going to support your child?
  5. How are you going to support your child's teacher?
Oakwood Avenue Community School (OACS)

Mr. Dana Gaines is our principal - This year motto is to improve on our Pride, Passion, and Purpose

  1. Check the information on the Orange Public Schools Home Page regulary (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  2. Check the information on the OACS Home Page including your teacher's webpage regularly
  3. Students must be in their school uniform (includes virtually)
  4. Students must be on-time to virtual class which starts at 8:30 am sharp (They can come at 8 am if they want to talk with peers and/or me)
  5. Students must show respect to self, parents, peers, teachers and staff...
  6. Students must complete all their assignments daily
  7. Try to find a quiet place at home where students can learn.
  8. Students must use a device that has a camera and it must be on (I need to see your child.
  9. Students must mute their mics and unmute them at appropriate times
  10. Students should be prepared with their books, 5 notebooks, pencils (they should already be in arms reach)
  • Phase 1: 100% Virtual Learning
  • September 8 – October 2 (4 weeks)
  • All teaching/learning is done virtually
  • Phase 2: Remote Synchronous
  • October 5 – November 25 (7 weeks)
  • Teachers only are onsite 2 days per week providing
  • virtual instruction; support staff (guidance, CST, social
  • workers, attendance officers), nurses, TC’s, secretaries
  • are onsite 4 days per week.
  • Phase 3: Soft Launch
  • November 30 – December 23 (3.5 weeks)
  • For all pre-identified students (SwD’s, ELLs, Tier III, etc.)
  • Phase 4: Full Reentry
  • January 4, 2021 – end of year (Remainder of the y
21st Century Learning - Digital Tools
  • Students are skilled users after only a few times using them
  • Please encourage them
  • My Second Grade class used them all so I know this class will too in a short amount of time
  • Be careful your child is observing you and listening to you. If they are struggling contact me during my office hours or via ClassDojo
  • We are trying to ensure your child can function in higher education (college/trade school/other) and compete for a job and keep it in the Global Workplace
Draft Schedule - Still finalizing it
  • Students are expected to arrive on-time (8:30 am). I will open up class at 8:00 am so they can start coming it early. Let's help them be responsible and always be on time.
  • Each class is 45 minutes long
  • Students must be in uniform
  • Students should be prepared and have their books and supplies available for 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Students should complete all classwork and homework daily unless teacher gives different requirements for a specific assignment
Parent Portal
  • Genesis Parent Portal provides you with access to your child's grades real-time.
  • Give me your email address and your name for all people you want to have access to your child's information or (You might have to call the school to obtain an application - I will let you know)
  • I'm trying to get 100% of my parents to register.

Any additional questions?

Thank you for sharing!

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Larry Willis