Blue Skies Project This project is for, about and in collaboration with the residents of the City of Coppell

Coppell Blue Skies

What brings you joy, happiness, and hope? With the changes and hardships brought on by the global pandemic this year, it has never been more important to find and celebrate the positive. From the simple little things to the grand gestures, the City of Coppell is asking residents to dig deep and share what has kept them going the last several months through the Blue Skies Project.

This community collage is a chance for residents to share their happy moments and discover joy in new ways by seeing their neighbors’ photos and descriptions of hope.

“What this world needs is a hug. Until we find a vaccination, there is no substitute for love!”
Celebrating my wonderful husband’s 80th Birthday!!

Marilyn Scott

Walking the dogs in the neighborhood and along the lakes of Coppell starts my day on a positive note. Thanks for the new trails, by the way!

Jennifer Holmes

Getting on my bike and riding the Trails of Coppell listening to music brings a peaceful and calming escape.

Anne Diamond

This is Baby Jack born March 2020! He fills our days with joy and happiness! Gives us hope for a bright future!

Claire Jeffers

I learned how to roast my own coffee!

Justin Rayon

I love high school football! Going to the games and watching my daughter cheer, watching the game, listening to the band, and catching up with other parents makes everything seem normal for a couple of hours.

Michelle Garland

So much has happened this year. The love and support from my sons, oldest with dog, and the youngest has kept me going. I am doing so much better. I am so thankful and grateful they’re a part of my life today and always. ❤️

Lynn Kingdon

Finding new hobbies in jewelry making, visiting new life in these trying times, discovering nature, more time with fur friends and learning to grow strawberries

Kasie Callaway

The great outdoors, great friends (even if they’re 6 feet away), serving others, Andy’s Frozen Custard, Coppell hiking & biking trails and my family!

Cristy Runyan

This year has been difficult for everyone and we share in your happiness and hardships. We appreciate each and every one of you and hope this little corner of joy may serve as a refuge. We don't know what the future holds, but we know that, with you, together, we will weather the storm and come out a stronger, more unified community.

Thank you, Coppell!