HP Mosaic Technology Beautiful personalised print with a hint of Adobe Technology

As Creative Director for the awesome Pureprint, Digital Print lover and an Adobe Evangelist wannabe, it was a joy to bring these three items together to create Pureprints PPW5 cover (along with the interior). We harnessed the new Mosaic feature within HP Smartstream software to create 5,000 unique covers from just 2 seed artworks using software which allows you to generate hundreds, thousands and even millions of unique graphics for a memorable experience. From a base pattern, by using scaling, transposition, rotation and colour shuffle you can now use the art of personalisation to deliver the most original communications.

The software is an HP SmartStream Mosaic application using vector PDF files as input which then generates a large number of variations by randomly transforming the file. Great for packaging (as used by Coca Cola with their 2 million unique bottles), unique covers and of course direct mail. These are only some of the applications of this exciting software, the opportunities are limitless for you to communicate with a unique design for your customers.

Below also are images of the entire publication. Designed and produced at Pureprint. https://indd.adobe.com/view/28d08681-f742-48ef-a9ec-3c518c233726

Seeded file example that show the variations of imagery from two files.

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Andrew Cooper

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