The Best of What Canada has to Offer By: GURMAN CHEEMA

This year is Canada's 150th birthday. This is a great opportunity to tell everyone the amazing things Canada has to offer.

The three best things that Canada has to offer is it's Diversity, Free Health Care, and Canada's Wonderland.


Diversity is one of the best things Canada has to offer is its diversity. Diversity means having a variety of people, for ex. race, ethnicity, or culture. Canada is one of the most diverse country in the world, it has over 5.8 million people speaking 2 or more languages at their home. Also, more than 200 languages are spoken here (Linguistic Characteristics of Canadians). In 2012 Canada has allowed 257,515 immigrants to migrate to Canada. The official languages spoken in Canada are french and English but there are many more languages spoken. The first immigration to Canada was in the 17th century when the French and British came to Canada. Ever since that day, Canada has been allowing more people to migrate. All of this helped Canada to be the first country to make a multicultural policy (Evans).

Why is it so Important?

This is important to me because this shows that everyone is welcomed in Canada no matter their race or ethnicity. This means that everyone's religious celebrations are celebrated here, which is great for me and everyone else. Another reason why diversity is important, is you get to try new things like food from other countries because if you live in a neighborhood with a variety of people there are most likely different restaurants from different places in the world. This means that I don't have to eat some of the same food from one place all the time. I think that everyone should celebrate and acknowledge this because without diversity everything would be the same and you wouldn't have the chance to experience things with people with different backgrounds. In conclusion, I think diversity is one of the best things Canada has to offer for a variety of reasons and I think that everyone should acknowledge this.

Free Health Care

Another Great thing that Canada has to offer is free health care. This health care system is free for every Canadian Citizen and it provides health care for every Canadian citizen. The person who introduced this was Tommy Douglas. He introduced the provincial hospital insurance program in 1947 for Saskatchewan. Tommy Douglas was a part of the Saskatchewan government when he introduced this program. Paul Martin Sr. was the man who introduced the program all across Canada in 1995, but most insurance companies didn't like this (History of Canada’s Public Health Care). This health care program is free for every Canadian citizen and it covers almost everything but dental care, glasses and prescription drugs (Khazan). This is publicly funded through taxes (Funding for Health Care).

Why is it so Important?

This is important to me because if you're really sick and you don't have a lot of money you wouldn't have to worry about paying for health care because it is free. I think that this should be valued by all Canadians because some people from other countries are not as fortunate as us and have to pay for all their healthcare, which can cost a lot of money. Also let's say you were poor in a country that doesn't have free healthcare and you became very sick, you would most likely not go to the doctors, simply because you can't afford it. But if you were poor and sick and lived in Canada you would most likely go to the doctors, because you wouldn't have to worry about paying for your health care. In conclusion, I think that this should be valued by all Canadians and free healthcare is one of the many great things Canada has to offer.

Canada's Wonderland

The final best thing that Canada has to offer is Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland is an amusement park located in Vaughan, Ont with over 200 attractions (Canada's Wonderland). This is canada's largest amusement park. This amusement park opened in May 23rd, 1981 and the famous mountain located at the center of the park has been there since the park has opened (Woudstra). Canada's Wonderland first started its construction in April 1971 and opened in 1981 by the premier of Ontario (William Davis). Canada's Wonderland has invested 250 million dollars since the park opened and made new rides every season. This amusement park has over 200 attractions and 69 rides, and some of those rides are the best rides in North America (Park History). The park is 130 HA (hectares) big, that is 321,237 acres big. Some fun facts of the park are International Street’s Pizza Pizza sells more pizza slices than any other Pizza Pizza location in Ontario, and Over 120,000, foot long hotdogs are consumed in a season (Fun Facts).

Why is it so Important

This is important to me because this is one of the things I most enjoy in Canada. This is a great place to have fun and spend time with your loved ones. I go to Canada's Wonderland every summer because it has some of the most thrilling and fun rides in all of North America. This is a great place to go if you want to spend time with your family while having a whole lot of fun. This is also important to me because this is a great place to relax, if you are tired, or if you don't want to go on rides. This park has a lot of beautiful scenery like the big mountain in the middle of the park, it has some beautiful flowers and great shows like the Arthur's Baye acrobatic show, and the wonderland theatre live stage show. In conclusion canada's wonderland is one of my favourite places to go to, to have fun of spend time with loved ones.


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