Han Dynasty Lasting contrIbution USING P.E.R.S.I.A AS A LENS

The Han dynasty's most lasting contributions are clearly in the RELIGION realm.

One of the bigest contributions was the founding of the idea of Buddhism with is one of the main religions of china today. this is the bigest impact of the Han Dynasty

Today you can still see the effects of the Han dynasty today because Buddhism is the most popular religion in china with over 535 million people practicing it around the world, that is roughly 7.6 precent of the total world population.

The Han dynasty's second most lasting contributions are clearly in theECONOMICS realm.

This is because as the empire was on the verge of collapsing emperor Wang Man took land away from the rich aristocrats and gave it to the poor to prevent an uprising and to supply more food to the growing population.

The Han dynasty's third most lasting contributions are clearly in the INTELLECTUAL realm.

One of the most important peaces of literature was written durning this time period. The writing is called the Record of the grand historian. this book gave information about the past 2000 years of chinese history, it was written by Sima Qian.

The Han dynasty's fourth most lasting contributions are clearly in the ARTS realm.

The Han dynasty Improved the Great Wall of China by a tremendous amout because they were able to get their hands on much stronger building materials in order to prevent the wall from collapsing. They also added guard towers to alert the army if an attack was incoming

The Han dynasty's fifth most lasting contributions are clearly in the Social realm.

During the Han dynasty one important Social change the emperor Wang Man implemented was when he revoked land from the rich chinese aristocrats to bring social order between the two classes also to lessen the gap in-between the two classes

The Han dynasty's least lasting contributions are clearly in the Political realm.

One of the only changes that the Han dynasty Implemented was that the Qin was a lot more violent on crime while the Han dynasty got rid of unnecessary laws and gave each criminal a right to a trial

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