Break to Saint-Gonlay School house of the 50s

Monday, May 12, 1952

Immersion in the 50s by visiting the school house of Saint-Gonlay, the inclined desks, the blackboard and the stove, everything is even the smell of wax in the classroom:

If you come in a group, it is Cecile who will welcome you in the school yard to observe its surroundings and its architecture, typical of the constructions of yesteryear. If you come alone or with your family, take a walk outside and go under the yard to enter the classroom.

Take a walk in the teacher's garden and conservatory orchard..

Even the toilets are intact! And yes did not have to be cautious at the time...

The village is taking shape around 1900. The school is an element as structuring as the church. Built in 1904, this school is, initially, that of the boys but it becomes very quickly mixed (1932) in view of the lack of staff of this small market town. Mixity became widespread in France in the 1960s. The girls' school, the first of the town (1864) and first town hall, was previously located in the current village hall.

We also observe schoolchildren because we can see that they are a little different from us ... short pants, blouses and beautiful shoes that we put for school and Sunday ...

At home they put their wooden shoes !

The school of Saint-Gonlay has only one class where children of all ages were mixed and grouped by level. The school is then compulsory until 14 years to obtain the Certificate of study. In 1932, there were 82 pupils in the commune and 25 in 1958. 11 teachers followed one another between 1923 and 1992.

It's time to go to school, put on his black lab coat, sit on the wooden desks. Today one practices writing with pen, mental calculation and reciting morality. But beware of the ink stains on the notebook, the bonnet is never far away !

And then we go around the room, we observe all those objects of yesteryear that have disappeared from today's classes: the good points when we worked well, the Epinal maps for geography and the yellow protractor XXL to practice geometry..

Every year, in June, Cécile cultural mediator Montfort Community offers a dictation open to the general public, for the pleasure of the French language and writing pen !

Roll up your sleeves, dip your pen holder into the inkwell and start with a dictation; not easy for left-handers to apply ! Especially since Martine, the neighbor, is cheating ! Hide your copy well and show him the bonnet on the master's desk to dissuade her.

Then discover upstairs the three exhibition spaces in the former home of the teacher.

It's break-time !

Hopscotch: take a pebble (which falls better if you blow it before throwing it) and throw it on the huts one after the other, from 1 to 10 to reach the sky. Jump on foot except on the square where the pebble is and then return to the Earth.

The elastic: The game of the elastic is played at 3. Two players are face to face and tend the elastic at the ankles by spreading the feet about 20 cm and the third player executes the figures in the center. As soon as a player misses his figure and gets tangled up in the rubber band, he is replaced by one of the other 2 players.

Bilboquet: a game of skill consisting of a rod connected by a rope to a pierced ball. The game consists of throwing the ball with one hand so that it falls on the rod.

All in the canteen

The plus of Saint-Gonlay is that at lunch or afternoon tea you can meet at the Barakafe located just in front of the school.


we continue the ride?

A treasure of Haute-Bretagne hides in Saint-Gonlay ! Play geocaching to find it !

Tourist office : 02 99 09 06 50

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