Chilkat Eagles 2019 Trip Report - Tom Bol Photo Workshops

Juneau, Alaska and a welcome dinner started off our Chilkat 2019 Workshop. A late season salmon run in the Mendenhall Glacier Valley provided wildlife and landscape opportunities for the pre-workshop crowd.

Flocks of pine siskin winter in Southeast, Alaska

We arrived in Haines by small plane. The flight over provided stunning views of the Davidson Glacier and the mountains surrounding the Lynn Canal. We were very happy to get there after a weather delay in Juneau.

The eagle photographers have landed....
Suzanne in the back of a small plane
The Chilkat Eagle Preserve offers close proximity to up to 3000 eagles on a wide gravel bar. Long lenses and low perspectives were favorites for our first days of shooting.
Tina getting low
Mike getting even lower!
With so many eagles at close range we could photograph with long glass or get closer for environmental shots.
Tina staying focused
Rodger with his 600mm Nikon lens
Team Broome sporting the big Canons
Day 3 - the sun came out and provided spectacular backgrounds for flyings eagles. Bald eagles or Haliaeetus leucocephalus are found only on the North American continent.
A frosty morning in Haines
"Spectacular eagle community in a setting of grandeur" Lee Brissey
One of our favorite shooting conditions was a light snow in the late afternoon. The snow created an ethereal backdrop and helped us identify night visitors in the parking lot.
A group of eagles is called a convocation
Time for camera covers
Joe in his element
Parking lot traces

With so many eagles in a small area, fighting is inevitable. We used group area auto focus to catch the birds in action.

The white tail and head takes 4-6 years to develop in subadult eagles
The weather was spectacular for our last day of shooting. The mountains surrounding the Chilkat River Valley reminded everyone that we were not in Kansas anymore....
Wayne taking in the views
Suzanne on the banks of the Chilkat
Our group of eagle photographers on the Chilkat River

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