Ebola Outbreak In Africa Suffering, Saving, and Surviving

Ebola is a deadly virus that affected many people of Africa.

The Ebola virus majorly struck in 2014 on the continent of Africa and specifically in the countries of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. This virus was very contagious and killed many.

More than 28,000 people were affected by Ebola in Africa, and 11,000 people had died. Health workers tried to help stop the disease, but even they got sick and some died from the virus.

According to the WebMd Ebola Virus Infection Article, “It spreads to people by contact with skin or bodily fluids of an affected animal, like a monkey, chimp, or fruit fly.”

This virus had many symptoms. Some of the symptoms include fever, rash, nose bleeds, uncontrolable vomiting, bloody diarrhea, bleeding through pores, immune system problems, and internal bleeding.

Because the virus Ebola was so contagious, health workers had to isolate sick ones from their families so that the families did not risk anyone else getting sick or carrying the disease.

Six million people in certain countries of Africa went on lockdown for three days so that health workers could come and check for the virus in each household.

Health workers had to wear very protective gear when they were near or helping those who were infected with the virus. They wore thick, heavy rubber gloves, plastic suits, masks, and goggles.

African Union building

Sources say that the government plans to spend $750 million dollars on treatment centers in Africa to help solve this problem.

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