Ashley Day B7

Pastry Chef- They create all manner of baked goods, pastries, confections, and other desserts for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and pastry shops. Their average salary is $61 ,851.
Greece- I would go sailing, dancing, hiking, food tasting and go to the beach.
Cross Contamination- There is ready to eat veggies with uncooked meat on the same cutting board. This can cause a food borne illness.
Funnel Cakes: We learned what foods are sold at carnivals and amusement parks and also how to make them. We learned that they pump the food smells around the park to get you to buy their food.
Caesar Salad: We learned how to make soft homemade croutons and also how to time manage. You don't want cold chicken on your salad when its suppose to be hot.
Julienne, Medium dice and Small dice for $349.99
We learn different cooking methods. We learned how to cut the sugar and fat down when cooking banana bread.
We learned how to make Veloute sauce and other sauces. These sauces are a great garnish on meats and veggies.
We learned how to incorporate noodles, veggies and cheese together to make something delicious. We learned how to mange time with some ingredients having to be cool and others having to cool down from hot.
Bannanas are grown in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica
I choose this outfit because I feel it looks professional. It is very classy with the necklace and heels. My hair is also curled making the outfit look complete.
We learned how to make different sauces and soups. You had to time manage making sure the ingredients were not over cooked and that the chips didn't get soggy..
We learned about optical illusions and how things aren't always what they appear to be. We made what looked to be sushi but really was just gummy worms, rice krispies and foot roll-up.
We made breakfast burritos. We had to learn how to communicate with others as we each were assigned different tasks. We also learned how to time manage so that the ingredients weren't cold by the time we ate them.


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