How to Make A Spark page By Maureen Barclay

Create a Spark Page to showcase your research. Spark Pages are helpful for constructing a timeline, showing cause and effect, or telling a story.

First, consider your topic and conduct your research using books, online databases, or videos. Track the sources you use in your note-taking guide.
Use MLA format to cite each source.
Organize your research. Establish clear main ideas to support your claim or thesis. Add details and examples that support your points. Use parenthetical citations to give credit for the sources of your information.
Once you have organized your research, you are ready to create your first Spark Page and present your research.

First, create a free Adobe account.

Go to

Then, choose a theme for your Spark Page.

Review your research to create the text of your presentation. Be sure to summarize and paraphrase information correctly. Use quotations only to analyze language. Cite your sources.

Showcase main ideas in headings or quote boxes.

You'll want main ideas to appear larger than supporting details and examples.
Use smaller text, like this caption in a photo grid, for details or examples.
Choose images that will illustrate your ideas and enhance your presentation.
Finally, create a works cited list for your sources.
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