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Creating & Producing Art

Liquid Staging Masterclass, InnovAthens, October 2021
Liquid Staging title story at pma magazin (05/2021)

"LIGHTS OF HOPE" EVENT | From Olympiacos FC to the World | Karaiskaki Stadium | Piraeus | Greece | July 19th, 2020 | Music by Marios Joannou Elia | Created & directed by Asteris Kutulas

Double Event "Lights of Hope" for Olympiacos FC in Piraeus, Created & Directed by Asteris Kutulas
"Lights of Hope" Event on the shortlist for the AV Awards 2021 - Category: Events and Entertainment Project of the Year
"Lights of Hope" stadium event for Olympiacos FC in Piraeus (Photo © by Ralph Larmann)
"Lights of Hope" stadium event for Olympiacos FC in Piraeus (Photo © by Ralph Larmann)

Event & Show Producer | Cooperation with Gert Hof 1998-2011

Oman – "Light from the Arab World" Event, Directed by Gert Hof, Muscat, Co-Produced by Asteris Kutulas, 2005 (Photo © by Jens Rötzsch)
Athens – The Millennium Event, Directed by Gert Hof, Acropolis, Produced by Asteris Kutulas, 1999 (Photo © by Michalis Patsouras)

Between 1998 and 2011 business partner, marketing director and producer of the light architect and director Gert Hof | In this time more than 40 mega and special events around the world | The Locations Atlantic City, Antwerp, Arnheim, Athens, Beijing, Berlin, Bolzano, Budapest, Dortmund, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Ferropolis, Gallipoli, Hamburg, Ischgl, Jerusalem, Lviv, Magdeburg, Malta, Moscow, Munich, Muscat, Nicosia, Nuremberg, Piraeus, Poznan, Sofia, Vilnius, Washington | The Countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

Moscow – "Day of City" Celebration, Red Square Event, with Scorpions & Thomas Anders, Directed by Gert Hof, Produced by Asteris Kutulas, 2003 (Photo © by Sabine Wenzel)
Hamburg – AidaDIVA Christening Ceremony | Directed by Gert Hof | Produced by Asteris Kutulas | Hamburg Harbor, 2007 (Photo © by Guido Karp)
Beijing – The Millenium Event, China Millenium Monument | Directed by Gert Hof | Co-Produced by Asteris Kutulas, 2000 (Photo © by Sven Treder)

Asteris Kutulas has organized concerts and events of all genres, as well as opera and ballet performances, in dozens of countries worldwide for a large number of leading performing artists. Working as Event/Concert Producer, Tour Manager, Promoter, Agent or Production Manager for/with artists such as Mikis Theodorakis, Maria Farantouri, Zülfü Livaneli, the Scorpions, Mike Oldfield, Roger Waters, Milva, Sting, Buena Vista Social Club, Westbam, Kelly Family, Klaus Schulze, Demis Roussos, Charoula Alexiou, Anouk, George Dalaras, Vicky Leandros, Motörhead, Thomas Anders, Gabi Delgado etc.

Writer, Director, Film & Video Producer

Since the beginning of the 1980s working as author, producer, artist agent, dramaturge, production manager or director in various music, documentary and hybrid film productions • "Canto General" (DEFA feature documentary, 1982) • "Say heaven – Even when there isn't one" (TV documentary, 1983) • "Zorba Ballet in Budapest" (short documentary, 1989) • "Sun & Time" (ARTE/ZDF documentary with Klaus Salge, 1999) • "Mike Oldfield – Millenium Bell / Live at Victory Column in Berlin" (worldwide Live TV & DVD production, 2000) • "Scorpions live on Red Square" (for TV & DVD production, 2003) • "Motörhead – Stage Fright / 30 Years Motörhead" (DVD production, 2004) • Gert Hof & Westbam – "Ship of Light" (DVD production, 2008) • "Anouk – Live at Gelredome" (DVD production, 2008) • "Mikis Theodorakis. Composer" (ARTE documentary with Klaus Salge, 2010) • "Recycling Medea" (feature music docufiction, 2014) • "Dance Fight Love Die" (feature music docufiction, 2018) • "Apassionata Video Blinks" (27 video blinks, 2014-19) • "Zorba in Verona" (ballet experimental documentary, 2020)

DVD productions of Mike Oldfield, Anouk, Motörhead & AIDAdiva Christening, Directed by Gert Hof | Co-Produced by Asteris Kutulas

Dramaturge & Artistic Advisor | Apassionata Shows 2013-2019

Apassionata Show "The magic dream" | Directed by Holger Ehlers | Dramaturgy & Artistic Consultancy by Asteris Kutulas (Photos © by Peter Becker)

Executive Producer | Apassionata Shows 2010-2014

Apassionata: 2010 to 2018 the largest family entertainment show in Europe | Number of shows produced between 2010 and 2014: about 110 shows in about 30 cities per year | Between 410,000 and 508,000 live viewers per year | On Tour (Facts & Figures) ... over 100 employees ... more than 60 horses ... 130 tons of sand and sawdust ... 9 trucks and 5 horse transporters ... over 200 square meters of video screen

Cooperation Partners & Clients 1989-2020

Selection of Cooperation Partners & Clients of Asteris Kutulas (1989-2020)

Working Places 1986-2020

Selection of Working Places of Asteris Kutulas

Music Video "1 + 1 = 1" (Reunification of Germany Clip)

Co-Founder & Creative Director of the film festival Hellas Filmbox Berlin (2015-2019)

Poster & artwork for Hellas Filmbox Berlin with Sandra von Ruffin & Annabell Johannes, Photo by DomQuichotte, Art Director Achilleas Gatsopoulos, Creative Director Asteris Kutulas

Hellas Filmbox Trailer 2018

Hellas Filmbox Creative & Art Work (2015-2019)

Hellas Filmbox Berlin, Creative Director Asteris Kutulas, Art Director Achilleas Gatsopoulos, Photography DomQuichotte & Achilleas Gatsopoulos

Artistic Consultancy for the Apassionata Visuals (2015-2018)

Dance Fight Love Die | With Mikis on the Road (movie)

filmjournalisten.de: Like a volcanic eruption, Asteris Kutulas – who also wrote the script together with Ina Kutulas – hurls 30 years of Mikis Theodorakis’ efforts and works onto the silver screen … Like fireworks, one capture after another erupts onto the screen, revealing a bottomless pool of musical ideas that don’t shy away from artistic experiments (Air Brush) and invariably put a spotlight on war, Holocaust, military dictatorship, Greek-Turkish reconciliation and the Cold War. Like eruptions triggered by the clash between universe and humanity’s own destructiveness … The excerpts ejected by this cinematic volcano are sourced from many different parts of the world. In one, several decades after Zorbas, we find Theodorakis dancing the sirtaki with Anthony Quinn on Munich’s King’s Square. In another, he enthuses about Soviet Alpine chocolate, retrieved from a “great cabinet”. And when his hands aren’t busy conjuring up chocolate, they love to direct and compose. This man is a marvel.

Satellite Clips

Thanatos Ballet Film Trilogy (Medea, Electra, Antigone) | 2014-2023

Electra Ballet, Music by Mikis Theodorakis, Choreography by Renato Zanella, Script by Asteris Kutulas, Directed by Renato Zanella & Asteris Kutulas

Recycling Medea: Not an Opera Ballet Film

Cooperation with Mikis Theodorakis (1981-2021)

Since 1981 cooperation with the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, for whom Kutulas produced or co-produced more than 35 CDs and more than 150 concerts worldwide (among others in Canada, Chile, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Australia, in Turkey and in almost all European countries) | The cooperation includes ballet, opera, symphonic & chamber music & theatre performances, film & music video productions

Mikis Theodorakis & Asteris Kutulas, Leipzig 1982 (Photo © by Privatier/Asti Music)

Assistant, Artistic Consultant, International Management & Producer of Mikis Theodorakis (1981-2000) | Canto General, Berlin 1981 (world premiere of the integral work) • Symphony No 2, Halle 1982 (world premiere) • Symphony No 3, Berlin 1982 (world premiere) • Axion Esti, Leipzig 1982 (world premiere of the German version) • Sadducees Passion, Berlin 1983 (world premiere) • Liturgy No 2, Dresden 1983 (world premiere) • Symphony No 7, Dresden 1984 (world premiere) • European Concert Tour 1987/88 (40 cities) • Canto General Ballet, Berlin 1989 (world premiere) • Metasymphonic European Tour, 1990 (world premiere) • Axion Esti ballet, Perth (Australia)1990 (world premiere) • Theodorakis, Manos Chatzidakis & Zülfü Livaneli, Ephessos 1991 • Theodorakis sings Theodorakis Tour (Europe & Israel), 1991-93 • Canto General concert, Santiago (Chile) 1993 • Raven ballet, Moscow (Bolshoi Opera) 1997 (world premiere) • Piano Concerto & Zorba Ballet, Denmark & Sweden 1996 • Concert for Cello & Guitar & symphonic orchestra, Munich 1998 • Recordings of the operas Electra, Antigone, Medea in St. Petersburg 1996-98 & Metamorphosis of the Dionysus in Berlin 1999 • Acropolis Millennium Event, Athens 31.12.1999/1.1.2000 • Ferropolis Opening Event 2000

Literary Translations & Editions (selection)

Books edited by Asteris Kutulas, translations from Greek to German by Asteris & Ina Kutulas

The Olympiacos FC Harbor Event | Piraeus | July 2020

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