Danger and Destruction Bethany Bjork

I chose the theme Danger and Destruction because I really enjoy being able to get out and find things that were once new and used until they were damaged. I also loved being able to explore different and new places that I had never explored much before. Everything that there is has had a beginning, and will eventually have an end as well. This photo book means a lot to me because people get to see and understand the endings and the destroyed things. My photo book also shows the beauty in broken things, and how they can still be used. I hope that people can see that just as i do.

My name is Bethany Bjork. I was born on September 11, 2001 in a small town in Texas, but have lived in the pacific north west for as long as I can remember. I really enjoy being outdoors and hanging out with my friends. I've always wanted to travel a lot. Not a whole lot has been happening in my life lately. Just trying to get out, focus on school, and I've also been traveling a lot to see family. I've gone to both Texas and Arizona in the last six months, and plan to soon travel to both Michigan, Utah, and possibly Nevada. I was born in Amarillo, Texas. But when I was not much more than a year old, we moved up to Oregon. And when I was about two years old, we moved to Vancouver. I've lived in Vancouver ever since. When I was almost six years old, my younger brother, Jacob, was born. I also have an older sister named, Kara. Around the time I was seven or eight, my parents split up and my dad eventually moved to Texas. That was a rough patch for awhile but things got better when I started traveling to visit him and my step family every summer and Christmas. On another subject, I took this photography class because I've always loved photography. I love exploring and capturing the beauty in things and nature. Although this class was a fun experience, I believe some of the tasks are a bit unrealistic. As a freshman in high school, I am only 15. I do not have a license. My family does not have the time to drive me around everyday to take pictures, nor do I always have the time. I do plan to take this class again though, because I do love learning all that we have about photography. In the future, I plan to go to college and take classes including science courses teaching about medicines, biology, and chemistry, and I'll also be taking psychology courses, all to become a psychiatrist. I plan to have a long, busy life ahead of me.

This photo of canons in fort Vancouver, represent the technique diagonal lines.
Representation of eye line.
This photo would represent the pattern technique.
Framing the device.
This photo captures the technique portrait
Diagonal lines.
Texture and horizontal line.
A photo of train tracks representing the technique leading lines, and perspective.
This is a photo of graffiti representing the technique black and white and minimalism.
This picture captures pattern.
Another photo of leading lines.
This photo represents repetition.
This photo captures the technique color psychology, for the color yellow.
This photo is an example of both repetition, leading lines, and rhythm.
This photo represents fill the frame.

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