The DUFF By Gavin Adkins


Most of the DUFF takes place in a small quiet town and it's high school, Hamilton High that has around 400 students.

Bianca Piper

The story is told through the main character Bianca Piper's perspective. Bianca is different from her friends. She's not as skinny as her friends, and her friends like to go to clubs while Bianca would rather stay home. Earning her the nickname DUFF.

Wesley Rush

Wesley is one of the most popular boys at Hamilton High school. His parents are super rich and he has a reputation for being a playboy, but there is more to Wesley than everyone thinks.


The plot of the duff is about a two unlikely people falling in love with each other.


The theme of this book is about growing and transforming into the person you truly are.

Personal Reaction

I thought that this book did an excellent job portraying the high school experience. I also think that it had a good message about being yourself and staying true to who you are.


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