All About Earthquakes By:Lauren Gietzen

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What is an Earthquake? 1

How is it Formed? 2

How Long Does it Last? 3

Where does it Happen? 4

Interesting 5 6

What is an Earthquake?

An earthquake is a natural disaster. It is when earth begins to shake, crumble and crack. Many people die and the damage can cost billions of dollars in repair. An earthquake is caused by either tectonic or volcanic forces. Earthquakes have enough power to break bridges, tear apart roads and crumble houses. They can also kill people and their pets. Many non-domestic animals also loose their homes too. There are no happy things about earthquakes.

How is it Formed?

Earth has 4 layers, the crust,mantle, outer core and inner core. The mantle has rotating rocks that only move inches a year. Sometimes the rotating rocks can make the earth move and break apart and then the earthquake begins. When a big piece of earth hangs out it, the earthquake stops for a while and builds up more force so it can continue.

How Long does is Last

Earthquakes can be very dangerous, so if you live in a place where earthquakes are common, be prepared with food that lasts you and your family 72 hours and more importantly, a first aid kit.

How Powerful can they be?

Earthquakes are very violent. But their are different kinds, take the body waves for example. Body waves are split into two parts, P waves <primary waves> and S waves <secondary waves> P waves have more speed than S waves.

Where Does it Happen?

Their have been many quakes all around the world. Like the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. It destroyed over 30,000 buildings and other facilities in the city. 3,000 people died. This earthquake damaged 375,000 square feet of the city. It took $400 million dollars to repair it, it would've cost 8 billion dollars today. There was also the Chile Earthquake of 1906. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. In this quake 4,485 people lost their lives.

Interesting Facts

*The deadliest earthquake in history occurred on January 23rd 1556 in Shansi,China killling 830,000 people

*When people wanted to measure the earthquakes strength, they would use seismographs

*Earth has had over 7 million earthquakes

*Earthquakes are the most dangerous natural disaster


violent/to hurt or damage someone of something

body waves/a wave that travels through the earth

volcanic/ caused by volcanoes

tectonic/occurs on top of earth

non-domestic/wild animal


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