The Unwanted BY:MARIA ALMAZAN :)

The foundling hospital

  • The Foundling Hospital opened in 1741 in temporary premises in Hatton Garden, off Holborn Circus, a road now, ironically, known for its jewellery shops. And from 1742-52 a grand "hospital" or home was built nearby, to the designs of Theodore Jacobsen (d.1772), on land bought from the Earl of Salisbury in the area of London still known as “Coram’s Fields.”
  • A lot of kids went to the foundling hospital they were cared for and taught etiquette because most kids were brought from the streets and most didn't know much.
  • Kinds were taken care of and nursed but if they had any sort of diseases they were automatically put in the streets :(

Child abandonment

  • A lot of kids weren't able to get admitted into the foundling hospital due to an abundant amount of homeless orphans , and those kids were just left to stay on the streets alone and hungry...
  • Most mothers left kids on the doorstep of orphanages or on the streets at a very young age they mostly left them either because they didn't have the money to take care of them or because they were forced to due to having the child before marriage it wasn't good to their reputation...

Orphans in the streets

  • orphans who live on the streets were left alone for people to treat bad because they didn't have parents.
  • They wore rags and just ripped up clothes that were majorly dirty
  • diseases were common for orphans from their living conditions in very poor areas
  • Most didn't live long due to starvation or the diseases they got .


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