Shake The Cage By KMFDM

Our Time Will Come

2014 | Electronic

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“Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both. -- I got the world where i want it. -- All eyes on me International threat to security.."


  • Our Time Will Come is the nineteenth album by KMFDM.
  • The album was considered a return to the bands classic sound.


Luke Tatum

Man, a song that can pull off paraphrasing Ben Franklin in an industrial metal context? Sign me up. This state of constant, hyper-alert fear seems to be a "house of cards," all right. But the War on Terror has gone on for so many years now that people seem to have given up on opposing it. I'm all for shaking the cage, but getting the attention of the sleeping masses can be one of the most frustrating prospects imaginable.

Sherry Voluntary

KMFDM tears it up again with their special brand of industrial. I love the opening stanza:

"I got the world where i want it, all eyes on me. International threat to security, prism of secrets. A house of cards. Igniting the furor all over the world"

When your mind is sharpened and you see through the religion of statism, you really are a threat to them, and can spread that threat all over the world. I have talked to folks from Luxembourg to United Arab Emirates that are now understanding the ideas of libertarianism and working to reach others. I don't know about you, but that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Nicky P

Such a fun song. This song is a great example of why I'm always tickled pink to see new libertarian podcasts. I want everyone preaching the message. The more people who are open about their belief in freedom the less timid others will be about showing off their own belief in the cause. Every voice shaking the cage is able to shake a few more out of their slumber. Maybe someday the table will turn. I hope it turns with a sick beat like this one.

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Nicky P