He was born December 22, 1883, Paris, France and died November 6, 1965, New York City, NY. His father discouraged his fascination with music but his heart latched onto the works of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss as well as impressionist composers such as Claude Debussy and Paul Dukas.

By age 12 he had composed his first opera and it was played by his schoolmates. He received informal music lessons from Giovanni Bolzoni, and at age 19 he decided to pursue a degree in music. His father wanted him to become an engineer and in a sense he did because he incorporated the use of technology and science into his music.

He strived to have his music be unique and be interpreted in a different way.In Paris in 1904 he composed many works but were all lost in a fire started by his own hands. In 1906 he found love to actress Suzanne Bing and had one child.

Varese's use of organized sound made for wonderful new noises that were pleasant to hear and they sounded as if they were created electronically. He also introduced the use of surround sound so that the sounds could be heard as if they were moving through time and space.

From the time until his death, Varese was recognized for his achievements. His works were played by widely known venues and he was given a large amount of awards.

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