The Luxury of Highland Park Village

The historic Highland Park Village shopping center is one of the preeminent retail destinations in the country. It is famous for its high-end stores, restaurants and movie theater. It is located in the town of Highland Park, the wealthy and exclusive island suburb in the middle of North Dallas.

Shoppers here come for luxurious clothing and homewares, as well as exclusive restaurants, personal services, and the quaint cinema. Beyond the shopping, the people are coming for the experience as much as anything. The ambiance of luxury, exclusivity and big-money spending, while surrounded by people that you want to be seen which may mean more to some than what they actually buy. The overall image of highland Park Village exudes wealth, high class, and a prestigious environment.

This photography project is about the experience of going to Highland Park Village. I have captured images that convey a sample of sights that create the overall exclusive environment. The shopping center on a broad scale easily displays itself as an exclusive setting and it is plainly obvious that it caters to the wealthy residents of Highland Park and North Dallas. I aim to show the exclusivity of the center from angles and perspectives that the casual observer might not see or understand. I looked for the smaller details or different viewpoints that are unappreciated or taken for granted. Any store or mall can have nice features, but Highland Park Village does all the little things to make this a one-of-a-kind destination for the well-to-do.

Some of these pictures show the broader scene of Highland Park Village but from different angles that people might not see or appreciate. These pictures set the overall scene of the shopping center while the other pictures of the close-up, smaller details provide the “fine print” that otherwise goes unnoticed.

The "Jimmy Choo" sign is a good example of a visible feature, but at night time with the shadows, the sign creates an interesting image that the everyday shopper may not notice. The theater tower shows the classical art deco design with the neon lights, which starkly contrasts with the twinkling Christmas lights around the rest of the center. The tower stands out as the “lighthouse” to the surrounding landscape.

The shopping center possesses many neat architectural design features. These small attributes contribute to the uniqueness of the center and enhance its exclusivity. The patrons of Highland Park Village expect the best of the best from every aspect of the center. While many of these features are plainly obvious, many others are not so obvious. Regardless, the patrons know that they are surrounded by the luxury, whether it is obvious or minimized.

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