Twin Towers By Force

The Twin Towers.

The Twin Towers was known as the World Trade Center. Another name for it is called WTC. The left tower that has an antenna on top was called 1 WTC. The second tower that has no antenna was called 2 WTC. The WTC was the tallest tower in the United States. The towers were in New York. WTC was a large complex of the 7 buildings in the Lower Manhattan in New York City. WTC was the lead building for new complexes.

On September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda affiliated hijacker flew two Boeing 767 into the north and south towers within minutes of each other. There were people fighting in two of the Twin Towers. Two hours later, the plane collapsed. The plane attacked the Twin Towers and over 2,606 people were hurt. The WTC was rebuilt with 6 new skyscrapers. It took a very long time to finish rebuilding. It took more than 5 years to finish.

There are the differences between the WTC and the Business Bay Tower. The WTC are twins, and the 1 WTC has a antenna at the top. Also it was the tallest building in the United States, New York. The Business Bay Tower is is different. The shape is weird and curved. The Business Bay Tower is also called the World Skyscrapers Center, also short way of calling it is the WSC. The Business Bay Tower is not just one building. Actually there are THREE of them almost stuck very close together. Both WTC and the Business Bay Tower are tall buildings, and they are towers.


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