Effects of Social Networking Sites by morgan simmons

Effects of Social Networking Sites

How would you feel if you saw someone post their bank account balance or their stacks of money that has thousands of dollars in it and you are in your over draft fees? It would make you feel less of a person and make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. Sometimes I wonder how different would life be if we didn’t have social media networks. Would people feel more comfortable with themselves? Would less people commit suicide? Would people feel okay with being a regular person? Social media can be the devil if you allow it. Social networks can have a negative effect on someone’s life because their self – esteem can be reduced, they feel the need to prove themselves, and they can be cyber bullied.

This is a picture of a girl showcasing all the money that she is carrying on her. Again, how would this make you feel if you were broke and logged into social media and saw this? You would probably feel depressed.

Seeing certain people flash their lifestyles and their materialistic possessions can lower a person’s self – esteem if they don’t have a flashy lifestyle and/or look as beautiful as the person that’s posting this fancy, fast pace type of content. People post their expensive cars, their bodies that a plastic surgeon has blessed (for the most part), and their very pricey designer bags and clothes. What if you saw someone post their brand new BMW or Mercedes-Benz and you walk outside to your 1999 or 2000 Honda Accord? You’re going to feel like your life isn’t good enough and lacks expensive possessions, such as a 2017 car. Content like this gives people a false sense of reality because most of the women that post it have NBA/NFL men buying them these items, while they’re spreading themselves thin. That’s the easy way out and women who are in school and working nine – to – five jobs who are trying to be independent, see this and get frustrated because they don’t have these things while doing it the right way. It makes us wholesome women wonder what are we doing wrong, when in reality, we aren’t doing anything wrong. I have been a victim of this myself. Seeing women with big butts have made me want the same thing and that alone can make a little girl think she isn’t good enough because her ‘goodies’ aren’t big. Losing your self-esteem to a false sense of reality, aka social media, is hard. But rebuilding it is even harder!

People feel the need to prove themselves. There’s this situation in the social media world where social media viewers feel like if something isn’t being posted then it isn’t being done. So, people feel the need to post what they’re doing to seek validation from others and prove that they are doing well. A lot of vulgar material is being posted these days and things that should be kept private aren’t so private. According to www.washingtonpost.com, teens are spending more than one-third of their days using social media, nearly nine hours on average! For kids eight through twelve, the average is six hours per day. Almost every human being on social media is like an open book! Men and women (I know, how un-lady like!), post their money and their flashy items. For whatever reason, people feel the need to post the saying “I’m working” to let people know that they are being productive. Social media is so negative because this can have an impact on who you are and more than likely, it becomes addictive. You would feel free and feel like you wouldn’t need approval from anyone. Why do we need social media to validate us to make ourselves feel good?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide is the third leading death cause of death among young people, ages 15-25, with approximately 4,400 deaths every year. The CDC also states that there is an estimate of one hundred suicide attempts for ever suicide among young people. Twenty percent of that percentage belongs to people committing suicide from being cyber bullied and about 42% are being cyber bullied every year. Twenty percent may not sound like a big deal, but, it is. Even if it was one percent, it’s still a big problem. Twenty percent of 4,400 is eight hundred and eighty deaths per year. Why do people commit suicide from situations from the web? It’s because they are cyber bullied to death. People comment mean and hurtful things to one another and some are very young and don’t have the strength to cope with it. For instance, several viewers on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram call her ugly, fat, and a whore that needs to ‘cover up.’ Some people rather end their life than deal with the hurtful comments, unfortunately! Social media bullies make others feel low and like they have nothing to live for. Being bullied makes the victim feel worthless and lifeless! They even become depressed. Being cyber bullied also creates social awkwardness because it makes people feel like they don’t belong and your people skills depreciate. Social awkwardness can cause a person to have anxiety in social settings because they are afraid of being rejected. There have been several cases of grade school kids skipping school because they are afraid of being bullied at school, causing there grades to lack majorly.

Here is a definition of cyber bullying and an example of a case concerning a young teenaged girl.

So when you think about cyber bullying, think about all of the lives lost and the mental depression people go through. Social media is more than a couple of sites that you log into, they are negative mind games that cause you to look at yourself differently, and make you question are you even good enough. If you’re going to be on social media, it’s fine. I am on social media myself. But, just make sure you use it in a positive light and that you are mentally strong enough for the crazy things it can bring on!

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