Catapult Leader: Cassidy Faulhaber


Initial Questions

1. Is you catapult launching consistently?

Yes, our catapult is launching consistently. The only difference in each reading is one to two feet.

2. What did you need to change to make the launches more consistent?

We needed to make the base of the catapult smaller.

3. What changes can you do to your catapult to make it go further?

We needed to add a bungee with less resistance.

4. How far away should the catapult be from the target to hit the target?

It should be about 20 feet away from the target to hit it.

Final Questions

1. When did your projectile end according to your equation?

It ends at 20.8 feet because that is twice the value of the h value.

2. What is the maximum height? Where does it happen?

The maximum height is 20.8 feet because that is the H value which is the center of the slope.

3. How high is your projectile if the ball has traveled 6 feet?

-10.76 feet

4. How do you make the maximum height higher, and what effect would you have on the path of the projectile? Explain your thinking?

You have to pull back the lever in a short distance so the ball peaks to a higher point. If you pull it back too far it will go straighter, and the peak will be smaller.

Our Plan

These two images contributed to our inspiration. Our original plan didn't work the way we wanted it to before.

Thank you!

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