Revolutions in technology By: caylee

Past: the industrial revolution


When the revolution started, demand for things increased. Like money, goods, and work.
Since people were demanding for goods. They needed a place with many resources. Britain had many resources and newer technology. Since they had all that. The revolution began there.
Instead of farming on their own, there would be more less independent farming because they would farm together.

Technological developments

Coal was a key power source. It powered steam engines and created a higher quality, cheaper form of coal called iron.

Many machines for textiles where made and kept at factories because they were too big.

Flying shuttle used for weaving
Spinning Jenny
Water frame is used to speed it up

Form of transportation changed too because they had to figure out easier ways transport things and get them to different places.

Canals (waterways)
Turnpikes (railroads that cost $$)

Positive and negative impacts

"The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization." - Stephen Gardiner

The industrial revolution had many positive effects to society. There was a declining death rate and and people were much healthier overall. There was more food so their health was really good. Increased production made prices lower. Lower prices means everything was more affordable. Products that were more affordable meant increase in demand. And increase in demand meant increased production.

Although there is many positives, there is also many negatives. First, there was child labor and they had difficult jobs. Also, there was many deadly diseases that they didn't have cures for. Last, pollution was a big problem.

Present: the digital revolution


Social media was a big cause to the digital revolution. More and more everyday more people are using social media. They use it for marketing purposes or just entertainment. Now a days it's rare if someone doesn't have at least one account of social media.
Cloud computing was also a big cause because it really helps businesses save money by not purchasing servers. Also, it is much easier to work with.
Last, cheap mobile phones were also a cause because more and more people can get their hands on phones.

Technological Developments

Apple has become one of the most expanding companies because of their products, and it just keeps on expanding.
Samsung is also an expanding company and is well known for how much things you can do for work just on their phones.

Social media is a big advancement because everyone is on social media and it really helps with marketing purposes

Many phone companies are also allowing you to pay on your phone as if it were a card. Apple calls it "Apple pay" if you lose your cards easily this is very convenient
Online shopping has become a huge thing becuase you can be anywhere and buying things you need, it is really convenient for a person who doesn't have time to go shopping.

Positive & negative effects

"Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand."- Amy Jo Martin

Just like the industrial revolution, the digital revolutions has many pros and cons. Some pros include communication. With social media and companies expanding, it is easier to communicate with relatives who aren't as close or that maybe even live in another country. Also, the new technology can also really help with work and make it easier for businesses.

Some cons to the revolution is that being on social media so much and maybe not be super social and going outside can effect people's feelings and their sensitive issues. With that comes people not being able to know the difference between the real and fake (virtual) worlds.

The future digital world


Companies are expanding more and more everyday. Becuase of that, new technology comes out and it is sold more.
Evolution is something that is always going to occur. We are all evolving with new technology and adjusting to it. Companies always changed their products and adjust them to make it better, so that is evolving from it.
More advanced and better technology comes out everyday and it will contuine to happen.

Technological developments

Companies are teaming up and are working on the first ever self driving car
Newer cars have cameras in the back to help them see behind them and help not crash. They also have digital GPS's and for less accidents you can pair your phone to your car so the car can read messages out loud for you
There is also electric cars who dont need gas to run
Products are becoming either smaller or bigger & apple makes things more convinient, like the Apple Watch. You can link this with your phone and get messages and it works just like if it was a phone
Apple releases new phones around every two years and each phone is different. They always change the format to make the phone better and also colors to have more options


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