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Let us be your Simbra Guide

While most of the world is staying at home, our farming operations haven’t stopped. And we can’t stop, because we have a job to do: raising beef to feed the world. Breeding season is also coming, and that’s a job that won’t wait.

So while things are a bit slower, we want to help you maximize your breeding program by using Simbra bulls or the best Simbra bull for your herd. Our movements are limited because of Covid-19, but our virtual assistance is a possibility to think about.

REMEMBER: our team is still here to help and your safety is our biggest concern!
  1. Give us a call! It’s often easiest just to talk through your herd, your bloodlines, and what you are striving for in your breeding program. You’ll find that we give honest answers and aren’t pushy to make a sale.
  2. Send us a text! You can text pictures of your cattle and your pedigrees, and we will help match up the best sires for your program.
  3. Team 3J1J Auction Animals can be viewed on the following dates and time: Monday 4thMay from 3-5 pm and Tuesday 5th May from 10am
  4. Telephone bidding on the day of the Auction can be arranged. Give us a call.

Here are a few facts about #3J1J animals that you might not know:

  • We offer stud breeding potential!
  • Good breeding lines from 4 trusted breeders with passion for the business.
  • We offer crossbreeding potential! Simbra Bulls does have an impact on weaner carcasses.
  • Our Simbra Bulls are highly fertile, see that in the scrotal circumference.
  • Our veterinarians have examined ALL our Bulls and made sure that they meet the highest standards of fertility and reproduction.
  • All our Simbra animals are cleared and declared healthy.
Let us be your Simbra guide, whether you have 5 or 500 animals. We are here to help you succeed in the Simbra business!

So while everyone has more free time on their hands, now is the time to start making those breeding plans – "Focus On Your Future".

Scroll down and find our 2020 Auction Catalogue in Excel format.

Thank you to all our sponsors: King Price, Virbac, Antrovet, Afrivet, MSD, Dekalb, Certisure, Tau Feeds, Zoetis for your loyal support.

See all soon!

2020 Auction News and Catalogue - CLICK HERE!

“Focus on your future - because YOU deserve THE BEST!”

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