REUNION™ is a wellness animal protein company built upon 60 years of our family’s passion for healthy living, humane animal treatment and environmental conservation.


We’re proud to offer a complete wellness portfolio, including Organic, Non-GMO, Grass Fed and Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry options.

REUNION™ was founded on a commitment to meet consumers’ heightened values towards the origins and attributes of the food they eat. As a family and company, we strive to build a sense of trust with our customers by staying true to our mission to improve human health, animal welfare and our environment. Our programs are built with integrity and transparency. Authenticity and honesty are the core tenets of our philosophy and guide our mantra -Quality with Conscience.

Reunion foods - Uruguay



  • CODE: 45948
  • Size: 8/10 oz
  • UPC: 857570007062

Organic beef strip steak

  • CODE: 45949
  • Size: 8/10 oz
  • UPC: 857570007079


  • CODE: 45955
  • Size: 12/16 oz
  • UPC: 857870007000

Organic pork baby back ribs

  • CODE: 45961
  • Size: 6/32 oz

organic beef tenderloin steak

  • CODE: 206550
  • Size: 8/2x5 oz

organic beef cubes for stew

  • CODE: 206551
  • Size: 12/16 oz

Organic pork boneless loin chop

  • CODE: 45962
  • Size: 8/2x6 oz

Organic ground lamb

  • CODE: 45947
  • Size: 12/16 oz

Organic beef ground patties

  • CODE: 206549
  • Size: 12/12 oz

Organic lamb cubes for stew

  • CODE: 45957
  • Size: 12/16 oz

organic lamb loin chop

  • CODE: 45958
  • Size: 8/16 oz

Organic Ground pork

  • CODE: 45946
  • Size: 12/16 oz

Organic pork tenderloin

  • CODE: 45960
  • Size: 8/16 oz

organic beef sirloin steak

  • CODE: 45956
  • Size: 8/2x5 oz


Grass Fed Ribe Eye Roll

CODE: 45943

Size: 2/6 lb

Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin

CODE: 45942

Size: 4/4.5 lb

Organic Boneless Leg of Lamb

CODE: 45941

Size: 4/4 lb

Organic Pork Loin Roast

CODE: 45944

Size: 6/4 lb

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