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Like most students who grew up in the late 1990's I was first introduced to technologic literacy in a computer class. It is here where I learned to type and read what I typed while I was typing. Its almost like a puzzle, you go to school to learn all the pieces and then you put it all together and it really does come all together later on down the line. In New Media Writer Sean Morey states "writing in a office would be much different than writing on a boat." This is ones cultural ecology, in my case mine was a small room just a bit smaller and squarer than our class room today. This class room was in the basement, the lowest floor of my school. The walls were made of bricks and were painted white. There were desks lining the walls with a square island of desks in the middle. On these desks were computer moniters with a keyboard plugged in to each. At each computer sat a student with a teacher hovering not far by. In each computer class hosted there was a computer teacher teaching us about the computer, in addition to the computer teacher there was a regular teacher or teachers who attended the class as well. In this class we as students were taught how to type and were instructed with getting familiar with the keyboard such as learning where each letter was on the keyboard and how to properly type.

A literacy sponsor example that I would like to use in regards to my commitment to this beginners computer class is the school and faculty/ teachers. With attending this school I was provided hands on tools that helped evolutionize my typing/ keyboard career. Also with the teachers support I was able to type with great care and discipline. All students were educated with this support. The room itself was one active support team workshop. As the class and I sat at our tables typing away a stronger bond grew between us. The room smelt of success in the early afternoons of my elementary school typing class and it felt even better to be learning a new technology.

The computers looked something like this...

After graduating computer beginners level computer class I was then brought to my next encounter with the technological savvy literacy tools. It is here where I was formally graded on my typing promptness and alignment. I was not only required to learn and know how to properly type I was additionally required to know how to navigate the computer and use all of our documents/ formats capabilities. This is where I put my typing skills to the test. Although it was challenging and one of my least favorite classes I passed with flying colors. I even later on "down the road" went back and thanked my teacher who had implied all the typing skills I know and naturally use today. It is with this class where I became fond with the keyboard. Continuing on throughout my academic career it is brought to my attention mostly by myself the importance of this class and how well it paid off. This class room was lined with desks, horizontally. Each desk stretched from one end of the room to the other, there were about eleven rows of desks in the class room, at the front was the whiteboard, and behind us was the teachers desk. I sat in the farthest back row all the way to the right excluding the last two seats. It is in this location were I learned how to type. Typing is something of todays day and age, although "tomorrow" I must say it will no longer be of the essence. Through learning the ways of typing properly I have became a better and faster typer. You may not know this but there is a certain way one is to sit while typing, not to mention the the "G" and "F" position on the keyboard. Attending school and spending my time learning typing functions gave me a greater typing experience to apply to my future encounters of typing.

In regards to this high level computer class my main literacy sponsor would be my teacher, Mrs. H. Mrs. H helped support my literate learning in many ways. Some of the ways Mrs. H helped... Mrs. H was always willing to stay after school and help educate her students further in the technological literate world. Mrs. H has also implied many learning techniques that were to be developed throughout her class. Her class was always very sunny in the mornings of my high school career as a freshman. Some of my greatest associates were in this class it was a great feeling walking into this class. Though I did not enjoy this class originally I realize now that putting in the time with this required curriculum class was well worth it. Graduating this class brought me multiple steps closer to graduation itself which was a huge deal in my community. I believe another literary sponsor of mine is my high school. Here at this school I was provided with a great hierarchy of individuals. "Ecological ideas are implicit in the works of early thinkers like Plato and Aristotle in their conception of processes of growth and development and in their observation on the relationship of population size to the structure and stability of environments." Cultural ecology occurs due to your thoughts and vision. Both of which feed your brain and create thoughts. Your thoughts will then impact your results. This is a strong why factor of cultural ecology.

With this being said I would like to say that having a class with focused individuals and concentrated computer work shops we were able to accomplish a vast amount of criteria with a strong population of select students. The human ecology in my class was greatly related to my community.

Upon graduating beginners computer class... Next level

In chapter five of its complicated Danah Boyd talks about bullying and how it can affect students and individuals experiencing this. I believe upon graduating a computer class one is more aware of the power of the computer and internet and is therefore less likely to bully another individual/ student. Typing class in high school returned the favor by developing me into a even more experienced typer in return for my time. Mainly I would like to claim that upon completing these two typing classes, one leading into the other that I have set a good foundation, created greater articles and word documents. This is specific to my purpose because in order to get a high school degree I had to pass this class.

In conclusion upon completing two different leveled computer and typing classes I am now a stronger and faster typer which has most definitely payed off and I can feel the outcome.

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-Cultural ecology is the study of human adaptations to social and physical environments. Human adaptation refers to both biological and cultural processes that enable a population to survive and reproduce within a given or changing environment.

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