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What was Greek citzon ship like? Each Greek city state was run by the citizon by that I mean the political members who treat each other equally this is different from the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptians the had subjects not citizens subjects had no rights no say in their government and had to obey their leaders the Greeks were the first to come up with citizenship now the word applies to almost everyone in the society except in the Greek city states where native born landowners were seen as citizens they did not think anyone else shoued being a Greek citizen had it's befits like the right to vote hold office


The geography/ settlement of ancient Greece was impactful because they were right next to the Ionian sea which allowed them to trade because of the from sea which let them trade and sense Greece is a peninsula (a peninsula is a land form that has water on three saids like Florida)and they have water on three saids a lot of people became fishermen and sailors some started farming the mountain soil was bad but the mild climate was good for growing crops like grapes,wheat,barley and olives and raised sheep and goats


the first type of Greek art is poetry The earliest Greek stories were Epics these long poems talked about heroic Deeds one of the first amazing epics of early Greece work Iliad also though why is sey a famous poet Homer wrote These Epic Auto out about the 700 b.c.he based some of it on a war between Greece and Troy which at one point existed in what is today Northwestern turkey the Iliad, the current Prince of Troy kidnapped the wife of the Spartan King the kidnapping really gets the Greeks really mad the king of the mycase in the brother of the King of Sparta led the Greeks in the attack on the city of Troy the battle for Troy drags on for 10 years. Finally,the Greeks make a plan to take Troy they build a gigantic hollow, wood horse. The very best by seeing Warriors go on the inside of the horse and whaitedand eventually when the people of Troy took the Trojan Horse in the mycian Warriors spraying out and attacked the Trojans defeating the city.Drama is a story told by actors who pretend to be people in a story in drama characters speak, imitate characters emotions today's TV shows movies dramas and plays are all great examples of drama. Inside of drama are tragedies and comedy tragedies are weird in the play/movie / TV show everything starts to get sad and cry does the name tragedy

As for comedies history's happy cheerful and funny and has a very happy ending. the complete opposite of a tragedy all these things had a huge impact on Greece for instance theaters were made just for these dramas many people came to see these plays.


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