The television commercial captures a simple feeling of how Carbon Black Auto car owners feel when spending time with their cars. With high res red dragon camera we capture moments of them bursting in the experience as compared to car owners who bought their vehicles in normal car dealerships

Open with a wide shot in the yard of the guy who bought his car in a normal dealership and his with his normal boring girlfriend who wants to let loose while they wash their car but the car doesn't feel right so she takes out her frusrations by throwing him with a bucket of water

Then we cut to a CBA car owner's yard which is shot in sequence and reveals

him just standing there next to his garage door which is filled with foam and bubbles and shot in slow-motion as his wife hands him a drink; he watches in amusement as camera tracks with his wife to her friends who are bursting in joy when washing his car.

then titles with the following subtext appear on screen "how we see our cars....."
Fade to an indian guy who is taking pictures of his car with his phone. When he looks at his pictures we cut to a close up
Reveal on a professional photo set where a super model is posing next to his car and his the creative director of the whole set.

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