I learned that the electronics in the squishy circuits are cool lights that you stick in the homemade play dough the reason that we should use homemade play dough is because it has more electricity. The light that you stick the light though is connected to a pack of batteries.

Two pieces of the play dough can be a shortcut because it can connect from both sides to make more electricity. In this picture the pink play dough is the homemade electric play dough and the yellow play dough is the store bought play dough. You have to make the two different play doughs touch and with the LED light there are 2 wineries one wire is short that wire is called anode that side gives electricity and the shorter wire is called the cathode. You would take the anode side and put that wire in the homemade play dough and the cathode side goes in the store bought play dough.

Now you add the battery, the battery has 2 wires one is red and the other is black it doesn't matter which wire goes you can choose and hopefully it will light up.

Have fun!

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