The Lion King and Frozen

I looked at the number of people (in millions) who visited Disneyland each year from 1992-2015. I used to find this information. As you can see on the graph below, in the year 1995, the number of people attending increased rapidly. This was because The Lion King , a very popular Disney movie, was released in 1994, so people who saw it that year visited Disneyland the year after that. Toy Story and Pocahontas were also released in 1995. Frozen, the highest grossing animated film ever, came out at the end of 2013, which explains the rapid increase of people visiting Disneyland from 2013-15.

My graph- Disneyland's Yearly Attendance Figures

I split my graph into three equal sections according to the data.

Here are my tables for each section

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

After I split the graph into three sections, I had to figure out the line of best fit for each one. I basically just put my ruler on the screen and tried to connect as many dots as possible while having a somewhat equal number of dots below and above the line. I found their slopes and y intercepts and graphed the lines.

Here are my calculations

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

To find the line of best fit for the entire graph, I used a linear equation because my graph mostly represents an increasing straight line. The data on my graph above shows that 40 million people will visit Disneyland in 2067 and 90 million will visit in 2112, so basically Disneyland is going to keep getting more and more popular.


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