Badlands 2019 Trip Report Tom Bol Photo Workshops

We started our workshop with a bang - our first morning shoot was at Pinnacles Overlook with an entourage of big horn ewes.
200-500mm worked for Zee and Teri
These ewes walked right behind us during our landscape shoot

Sue could not decide which big lens to use, so she brought them all!

The yellow mounds area was a favorite with our group. The colors were highly saturated with stormy skies.
Big Badlands Overlook provided great views and light for both sunrise and sunset shoots.
Zee in her element at sunrise
Tommy and Tom exploring the Canon menu
Susan working with ND filters at Big Badlands Overlook
In the late afternoon, some people used lightning triggers to capture bolts from the storms rolling through the park. Teri used the "old school" method to capture the image to the right!
Roberta working last light
Both methods in action
A mid morning shoot on the Castle Valley Trail let everyone spread out and get creative with their photography.....plenty of smiles to go around.
Texture in a landscape
Polarizers worked well in the midday sun to bring out dramatic scenes in the south part of the park.
Road shots are not a problem in Badlands - no crowds!
We photographed prairie animals and birds throughout the park. The prairie dogs on Sage Creek Road were a favorite.
Shooting low to get eye level
Western Meadowlark
Big horn lambs near Pinnacles Overlook
A male bison on Sage Creek Road
Prairie dog broods with 3-8 pups

After weeks of rain, the wildflowers were popping up all over the park. We used diffusers, macro lenses as well as natural light to capture wildflowers in the park.

Death Camass macro
Evening primrose in natural light
White phlox in the cracked mud
Textures in the paleo-soils made perfect foregrounds for landscapes at Big Foot Basin
Cool colors as the sun sets
Tim working his landscape magic!
Warm colors just an hour earlier
The ghost town of Cottonwood was great for using prairie grass in the foreground. Everyone developed their own unique style of shooting through the grass. Here are some examples below:
Tommy: one knee up
Alfredo: one leg up
Sue: over the shoulder
Chuck: the squat
Joan: on the back, Tom: one elbow , Roberta: shooting with a friend.....
For our final morning we went up in an R44 helicopter for aerials over the park.....this gave us a whole new perspective of Badlands National Park
A good time was had by all
Thanks to our group for a wonderful workshop!

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