The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Taylor Gauss

The Spatial Experience: At first, I had no idea there was even a theater in the Reitz. The theater wasn't very big, which was nice, and there weren't as many people there as I thought, we only took up the first maybe five rows, which was even better. I sat dead center in the front, not the very front, but the front of the sections that started to escalate right after the pathway so I had a great view. When the lights went out, I just felt as if I was in a movie theater. I believe where you are has a great affect on the Good Life. I feel you have to be in a place you want to be in order to have a Good Life. For example, I moved to Florida for the weather. I am happier here than back in Maryland because it's warmer here.

The Social Experience: I attended the play with my friend Abbey. We read the description of the play right before we left to go in. Going with a friend made it a little more enjoyable because we could talk about the play at intermission and share thoughts afterwards. If I missed something an actor said, I could ask Abbey and catch up what was said without the intimidation of asking a stranger next to me. Sharing experiences with other people makes you have a better life. If you love people like I do, being around people and sharing experiences with them makes the experience better.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play took place in the early 1900's, where the church was more powerful and influential than it is today. Along with the all powerful church, there were also no labor laws in place. The main argument was if theater could perform such acts that went against the churches beliefs. Before the play, I knew the church used to be very powerful and dictated most things, but I did not know that the church still tried to censor theater production in the early 1900's. This taught me that the church was still powerful, even when the 1900's seems so close to our time period today. The church was trying to stop this play. Today, this affects my life because I am surrounded by religious controversies such as abortion and gay marriage.

Emotional Experience: The play talked about uncomfortable things such as adultery and other aspects of life that the church doesn't agree with. Some members of the audience may have experienced one of these things. This provided a space for people to relate. This also made me feel empowered because Sarah defined social and church norms to perform this play; even though the church was telling her not to do so.

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