ABC's of Culture Danielle Sirico

A - Art and Literature

Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci
Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespear

B - Buildings

Empire State Building in New York City
Freedom Tower in New York City
9.11.01 Memorial Site in New York City

C - Communication and Transportation

Airplane... to fly somewhere you will not drive
Cruise Ship... enjoy a relaxing tropical vacation on a boat stopping on different islands along the journey around the country

D - Dress

Converse... the basic sneaker of teenage girls or boys
Supreme... one of the most popular trends nowadays
Pink - Victoria's Secret... a girls favorite place to shop !!

E - Economy

Cattle Farm
Cotton Factory... without this we wouldn't have a majority of our clothes and blankets

F - Family


G - Government

Democracy Power Chart
President Trump... elected by the people

H - History

Declaration of Independence

I - Icon

Marilyn Monroe - Actress, Singer
Oprah Winfrey - Media Proprieter

J - Jobs

Interior Designer

K - Knowledge

Grade school/High school (CFHS)
College (UCLA)

L - Language

English Language... main language in the US

M - Movement

Immigrants migrate here because of better conditions than their hometown
Refugees are welcomed into camps in the USA after being forced out of their homes

N - National Pride

American Flag
Our national anthem "The Star Spangled Banner"

O - Organizations

Department of Defence

P - Population

Race Population Pie Chart
Religion Population Chart

Q - Quality of Life

People in Poverty around the USA

R - Religion

US Religious Pie Chart

S - Status

Status Quo of different Races/Ethnicities

T - Taboos

Having an abortion is considered a sin in the catholic church
In the catholic church it is unacceptable to eat meat on fridays

U - Urban or Rurals

Urban Population VS. Rural Population

V - Vacation and Recreation

Vacation or go to the beach (Hawaii)
Football is one of the most popular sports in the US and America

W - Ways of Everyday Life

We get all our basic needs for cooking in one place at the grocery store
Wash and Dry clothes with washing machines and dryers

X-Marks the Spot

Los Angeles
New York City

Y - Yum

Dominos Pizza
Chick Fil A one of the most popular fast food restaurants
Starbucks - Most popular place to get coffee in the US

Z - Ztuff

Typical USA food

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