Town of Little Suamico Local Government

1. Recycling Center Fees- Made a new list of fees for the recycling center the.

2. Road Report- Ragen reported icy roads in the town. Will take action soon.

3. Land division- Jim Diederich, Harris & Accociation, Inc. for land division located 760 W Fronteir road Little Suamico, WI 54141.

4. Roads- Ragen reported brush cutting will start. Meeting to discuss future solutions.

5. Zoning- Business wants to rezone residential single family to rural ressidential.

Recycling center fees Action may be taken- The town is issuing fees for these items to be recycled: Vehicle Battery-Free, LED Bulbs-$2.50, TV's Size-Under 36"-$15.00, Over 36"-$25.00. PC Monitors-$15.00. Microwave-$2.00. Laptops and Hard Drives-Free.

My government is handling this issue well. They issue a small fee when you recycle various items. I agree with their descision because these things could be harmful for the environment and they're making profit from it. I think they could lower the price on some of the items like the TV's.

Local government meets at: 5954 County Road S, Sobieski WI 54171

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