Yawardani Jan-ga EAL Project Update 31 March 2020

Yawardani Jan-ga in Yawuru language means "Horses doing healing".

The new sign recently fitted at the Broome EAL site entrance.

The Yawardani Jan-ga Project continues to deliver and develop according to project milestones.

This innovative and culturally secure initiative provides a crucial social and emotional well-being service to Aboriginal young people which is widely supported by key partners including Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services, Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Services, Broome Youth and Families Hub, Catholic Education and Kimberley District Police.

Despite the Covid19 situation sweeping the globe, our project has kept on track and recently gained additional valuable media exposure highlighting the importance of Yawardani Jan-ga in our region. Many families who were already facing challenges are now experiencing additional stress and have articulated how imperative they feel the Yawardani Jan-ga program is for the community, particularly at this time.

The beautiful Miss Paris is the matriarch of the horses and a strong leader who has a huge appetite.

Health and safety has always been a key priority and in our current climate we acknowledge the need to include increased measures in our planning.

We have adopted a risk mitigation strategy which all staff and participants have transitioned to following effortlessly. This strategy will be regularly reviewed and updated whenever necessary to comply with the latest government advice.

This document has been emailed to referring partners and printed copies provided to staff, parents and participants.

The nature of Yawardani Jan-ga's program delivery is 1:1 and physical distancing has always been an element of each session.

Professor Juli Coffin and the cheeky young boy Bowie.

Bowie is the youngest and smallest of the four horses and is often a favourite among the younger participants engaged with Yawardani Jan-ga.

EAL Practitioner graduation lunch - 14 Feb 2020.

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing training, development and capacity building opportunities to for our EAL Practitioners. Already, we have a full training schedule planned for 2020 for the strengthening of their EAL and professional skills. Training recently completed by some of the Practitioners included certification in first aid, research methodology, horsemanship, and data management systems.

Horses Romeo and Awesome with the team during one of the recent capacity building workshops at the beach.

One of our practitioners Abby-Rose is a PhD student supervised by Professor Coffin. Abby-Rose will be assisting in the continued development and expansion of the Yawardani Jan-ga program initially in the West Kimberley communities.

We thank you for your continued support and generosity and look forward to our ongoing partnership with you.

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