Promoting Your Fundraiser on Facebook Example Posts & Customizable Captions

Facebook is a powerful tool for your fundraiser and can make a huge difference when it comes to reaching potential donors!

By sharing your fundraiser on Facebook using our easy Share Tools on FundHub, you can go straight to your donors, both near and far, rather than waiting for them to come to you. From using hashtags to utilizing Facebook Live, there's plenty of ways to reach your audience all from your computer or phone.

Below we have example Facebook posts from Cedar East Elementary, one of our awesome clients! These real-world examples will show you the many ways you can promote your fundraising event on your Facebook page. Plus, check out the customizable captions that you can easily copy and paste right into your own posts!

Example Facebook Posts for Your Fundraiser

Fundraiser Kick-off

Get everyone excited and informed with a fundraiser kick-off post! Cedar East created a kick-off video, which is something we recommend for all our clients, and posted this along with all of the important links to get registered.

Example Caption:

“It’s Finally HERE! It’s [event name] kick-off day!!

Our annual fundraiser this year is a [fundraiser type] and students are encouraged to create their personal fundraising webpages on our partner site @GetMovinFundraising using this link: [registration link]

We will raise donations from [date] to [date]. We will host the event on [event day] and celebrate our success. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together for our school! Want to learn more about this year’s fundraiser? Check out the parent letter here: [link]

[Insert hashtags for your school and event]

Registration Update

If you want to reach your fundraising goals, then it is important to have as many students as possible registered for your event on FundHub. Encourage this step often through Facebook posts that highlight the reward students get just for registering!

Example Caption:

“Have you registered your student yet for the [event name]??

When you do you automatically win a [reward]! That’s right, just create a free student fundraising webpage and instantly qualify for a [reward]. Registration is fast and easy, follow the steps here: [link]

We are currently at [%] registration, can we get to [%] by the end of the week??

[Hashtags for your school and event]”

Classroom Competition Update

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to keep students, teachers, and parents engaged in your fundraiser! Use Facebook to throw some fuel on the fire and provide frequent updates about who is in the lead.

Example Caption:

“It’s down to [classroom name] and [classroom name] as the top contenders in your Classroom Leaderboard! Who will win with the most [either activity minutes or donations]?? Remember, the winning class receives [reward]! 🤩

[Hashtags for your school and event]

Reaching Your School Goal

When you finally reach your school donation goal you want to make sure to celebrate!! This will not only get major engagement from your followers, but it will also encourage further donations to see how much MORE you can raise before the donation deadline. Cedar East took a screenshot of their donation tracker on their school webpage with a heart around the total raised. You can easily do the same!

Example Caption:

“WOOHOO!! We did it!

We have officially reached our fundraising goal with the latest tally of donations showing [current donation amount]! THANK YOU for your support and helping us reach this goal for our school. This means our students have earned [school goal reward]! There are still [number of days] days left to bring in donations. How much MORE can we raise before the deadline??

[Hashtags for your school and event]”

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