Outcome 6 Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

These are the values that started off very important to me.
These are the values that started off as important to me.
These are the values that started as not important to me.
We had to narrow down our lists to only ten values, so these are my top ten values for very important.
We had to narrow our lists to out top ten, so these are my top ten important values.
These are the top ten values that are not important to me.
We had to place our values most important to us in a list 1-5, 1 being out top value and 5 the least important.
Here is my 1-5 list of values important to me.
Here are the five values that I listed as not being important to me.
This one was easy to pick as the most important to me. I want nothing more to follow God's will in my life. He has the ultimate and perfect plan. Getting to see a glimpse of this plan is just fine with me. I just want my will to align with His. I don't know entirely what His will is yet, but getting directions from Him through prayer and scripture can lead to this.
Tolerance is important to me because I have many international friends and have a passion for special needs people. Both of those people are different from me, but tolerance is a must to interact with them. You cannot be mean and indifferent with people just because they are different from you; you have to include them and be inviting to them- who knows you could learn from them.
After narrowing my list to only one value I listed power as not important to me because I have no desire to be in a place of power. I don't want to rule over people, I want to be the person that is along beside them helping them.

It wasn't surprising to me that I could easily narrow down the very important and important values to ten, five, and one because I know what I value and hold it close to my heart and mind. It was hard to narrow down the not important values, and at the end I was surprised that I put ecology into the not important area because I value nature and love nature. It was also evident that organization did not belong in the not important section because I clearly organized the values in lines and as the activity went on I put the ones I took out into neat piles.

It was already evident what my top very important values were in my life, but now knowing what I don't value will help in my future because I know what I don't absolutely have to have in my future. I know that I have to follow God's will, have close friendships, and value tolerance in my life. In the next few months I want to continue praying for my will to align with the Lord's and that He will reveal part of His plan for me to me. In the future I don't know what I will be doing. I know that I am going to major in Recreational Therapy during college and possibly go to grad school for Child Life, but after that I'm not sure. Its a matter of where I am being called to.


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