NEW ZEALAND new zealand is an island that is located ON THE SOUTH EAST of AUSTRALIA

New Zealand is located in Southern Hemisphere.. It has a population of 4.471 million (2013). The currency is called New Zealand Dollar (NZD). $1 New Zealand Dollar = $0.96 Australian Dollar. New Zealand is known for its coldness and snowyness.

New Zealand’s capital city is Wellington. Most of the popular sports in New Zealand are: Rugby Union, Cricket and Soccer. The highest mountain in New Zealand is Mt. Cook. It's height is 3,724 m. The tallest building in New Zealand is One Shell Square and its height is 212 m.

The longest river in New Zealand is Waikato River and its length is 425 km. Some popular theme parks in New Zealand are Rainbows Puzzling World and Splash Plant. There have been 49 shark attacks in New Zealand 2013. Most kids in New Zealand have technology. Most kids in New Zealand eat good quality food. An example of a kid in New Zealand is Alfie. Alfie has friends and his friends respect him. Allfie's family has 5 people 1 dog and 2 cats. Alfie's family is not poor but they are not rich either. Alfie's family treats him well and loves him. Alfie has good friends. Alfie goes to bed at nine o'clock.


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