Break for Bison Our visit to Yellowstone

Yellowstone has such a surreal landscape! As the evening cools the air, steam rises out of every crevice, and you realize that you are standing on a giant volcano that could destroy the world that you know at any time!

Be sure to explore beyond Old Faithful! There are so many amazing thermal features to see! Grand Geyser was huge, and it spouted off water for over 25 minutes and Castle Geyser lasted almost an hour!

There were pots of boiling mud and features that had been built up and calcified over time.

And vivid, colorful hot pools!

Yellowstone is huge- MASSIVE! I highly recommend staying in different parts of the park in an RV so that you don't spend the entire day driving. There are several campsites dispersed throughout the park.

Major features are best visited early in the morning and/or late in the the evening. We were overwhelmed by the crowds at peak hours (10:00-5:30), and tried to find a river to relax on during those times when we could. Most of the thermal features we saw were visited after 5:00. By this point, most of the people had cleared out.

It is an amazing place, but required some balance. There were times to dive in to the popular locations, and times to take a step back and find some solitude in the beauty. Animal watching is really great at Haden Valley and Lamar Valley! Lamar Valley is further away from the crowds, so it provides a nice escape.

We fished Soda Butte Creek and the Madison. Overall, the fish were tiny and not very active, but the scenery was great!

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