DTC #46: Fellowship of the date For When your ashram is ready to mix sunsets, smoothies, and piña coladas.





Grab an organic potion filled with love juice.

Walk around a hidden meditation lake that will silence the soul.

Post up with a cocktail to catch the sunset as close as you possibly can get to the beach.

The Self Realization Fellowship Lake was founded in 1950 by Paramahansa Yogananda. It’s history is intertwined in classic LA fashion. For examply, the Windmill Chapel was built by the head Fox Studios years ago.
Stop 1

Organic Love Juice for the Soul

• 2 hrs. to sunset •

The valet pleasantly takes your keys after pulling up to your first destination. It’s a scene usually held for fancy dinners but it seems almost normal at Juicy Ladies. The boho sheek interior blends perfectly with the incredibly cool staff. After wading through the menus creative concoctions like the Love Juice and Super Sexy you send in your juicy feeling and post up on a swinging chair or comfy couch. When you finally have your sweet drink in hand have a few sips on the front deck over looking the ocean before heading back to the valet. Now its time to find a little serenity.

Stop 2

Take a Walk on the Mahatma Side

• 'til 1 hr to sunset •

With your love potion in hand you calmly pull into the parking lot for the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake. Comments like “where the hell are we?” should be commonplace at this moment. Upon turning the corner and soaking in the lake for the first time you silently bellow “holy shit.” Swans calmly glide across the garden of eden-esque grounds full of massive golden arches, perfectly placed waterfalls and a gorgeous windmill house. After your initial soaking in of the scene it’s time to walk the ring around the lake. You pass all walks of like while trying not to disturb the yogi meditating on a bench in between bushes. Eventually you stumble upon a shrine with some of Ghandi’s ashes and feel the full brunt of your organic decisions. Once completing the ring and making it out of the gift shop unscathed you’ll be ready to soak in the rays on the beach for a different kind of reflection.

Stop 3

Find harmony at the beach

• 45 min. before sunset •

The valet happily takes your car for the second time in the date before you happily walk into the beach side classic Gladstones. Initially you think it will have a stuffy tone until you chat with the team out front who gladly send you to the bar. A glass of wine, a piña colada or a “Mayor” cocktail may be in order but no matter your poison nothing can beat the view. After your first sip at the bar take your team outside to the tables along the balcony for probably the best magic hour drinking in the city. Soak in the descending suns continuously cooling rays as you sip along with your ashram. As you look along the jagged coast the words of Mahatma ring so true “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

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