Human Rights First Fernanda Reyes

"Freedom is Universal" - Elisa Massimino (President & CEO)

Human Rights First was established in 1978. It was created to further ensure to the world that United States is a clear supporter of human rights. They employ nearly 100 staff in their headquarters in NYC. Their organization enforces HUman rights to the U.S Government and to private companies to follow the rule of law. They work countlessly around the nation and the world to support this idea of freedom to anyone and everyone.

To gain members and to further support their organization, they use sentimental advertisements and posters to make the public see how many people around the world suffer from the lack of respect and human rights given to them.

If one was to join the Human Rights First , they would be among the greatest powers and leaders in the word such as Former President Barak Obama , Senator John McCain , and .

Serve to protect and help out:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Refugee Protection
  • Torture
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Kenya Reyes



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